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Welcome to the official Livejournal community for The Young Veins!
This community is maintained and moderated by 1842, grapefruits, pinkkchocolate, recycled_ilys, and bl00dyvalentine.

Ryan Ross- vocals, guitar | Twitter
Jon Walker - guitar, vocals | Twitter
Andy Soukal - bass | Twitter
Nick Murray - drums | Twitter
Nick White - keyboard


contact by AIM
listsofmyths - Alora
janinejanine09 - Janine
xroadsatmidnight - Kalena
ashluvsdust - Ashley

contact by email
ja9medina@gmail.com - Janine
talking.in.circles@gmail.com - Kalena
ashley@thedisco.us - Ashley

tyvlj @ AIM


patd, where it all began.

The Young Veins Brazilian Fansite

1.Though we are all here to support the band, it does not mean that we will not have different/clashing opinions. Not all people agree on everything. Please respect that and agree to disagree. In addition to that, personal attacks towards other members of the community will not, in any circumstances, be tolerated.

2. Please do not post/request private pictures/discussions of the band and their families/friends/girlfriends unless it has been posted on their Myspace, website, Twitters or any other media outlet where we know it has been approved by them. We understand that some of you are curious, but this is not the place for that.

3. When posting an entry:
a. Please make use of the subject line. This makes it easier for everyone to sort through the posts, especially when going through the archive or the memories.
b. Please try to use proper spelling/grammar. We will not be very strict with this, but everyone will appreciate that a post is not confusing and easy to read.
c. Please use an lj cut if:

1.) You are going to post a picture/video that will stretch the page/layout.
2.) You are going to post 2 or more pictures/videos.
3.) You are going to post a show recap, an interview, or an article with a
considerable amount of text.
4.) You are going to post a song/clip/video that is on autoplay.

d. Please tag your entries. There will be a tagging guideline post up soon.
e. Please cite your source when you post an article, a video, an interview, or post
something that you did not write/record/photograph yourself.
f. Please set the privacy to members only if your post contains any downloadable content (music/video rips from myspace/mtv/tv appearances/etc).

4. Before posting, please check at least the front page of the community to make sure what you're about to post has not been posted yet.

5. If you have a post that gets rejected, do not be discouraged to post again! More often than not, there will be an explanation as to why your post was rejected. If it was a technical problem, try to fix it (contact a mod if you're having trouble) and post again. If it isn't, make sure your post is in accordance with the rules. If you have any questions, contact a mod. Often, several people will try to post the same content and one or more posts have to be rejected in order to prevent spamming the community.

6. Please do not hesitate to contact a mod if you have an questions, concerns, suggestions or problems in the comm. We're here to help!